Mr. Gardner is sole owner of Florida Meeting Services, has been in this industry since 1982.  He is a lifelong resident of the State of Florida and resides in Ft. Lauderdale, where the corporate office is located.  He truly has his finger on the pulse of the Sunshine State with respect to new and innovative products for the incentive, corporate and association markets.  Gardner is a proud member of ADME, MPI, SITE and SKAL, with considerable time spent in assisting with the education of those coming into our industry.  He is a graduate of Tulane University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and has an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army.





ED BEAMAN, DMCP: Vice President of Operations
Mr. Beaman has been associated with Stuart Gardner since 2003, and has served as Vice President of Operations since 2004.  Ed has been in the event planning industry since 1986 and his experience and knowledge of our business is second to none.  He spent several years catering to the needs of some of the most prestigious VIP's in the Fortune 50 from around the world.  Ed is responsible for all phases of operations once a group is contracted to come to Florida.  His experience in the smooth operation of a client’s Florida experience is a true boon to the satisfaction of that client.  His ability to handle the “bumps in the road” competently, professionally, and quickly is the reason he enjoys the confidence of the company and the respect of our clients and associates.




CLAUDIA VILA, DMCP: Director of Operations/Central/North Florida Office
Ms. Vila, a native of Brazil, is the Director of Operations and is ultimately responsible for sales/operations in the Central/North Florida Office. Ms. Vila is fluent in several languages, as well as a seasoned professional in the destination management field. Ms. Vila, in concert with the corporate office in Fort Lauderdale coordinates all aspects of our company’s needs in Central/North Florida and Tampa.  Her breadth of knowledge concerning destination management gives our company confidence in our ability to serve any client with Florida plans.










SHARON STATHIS: Program Manager
Sharon is a veteran of over 10 years destination management experience, is responsible for programs as assigned to her and assistance in programs operating in the company. As a program manager, Sharon has responsibility for the smooth operation of groups under her charge from contract to performance. She is responsible for accounting for individual programs, as well as coordination with the clients in client needs, amendments to programming, and anticipation and execution of each program




NANCY EVANS: Program Manager
Nancy’s lifelong account management career has been in travel and hospitality and most recently in the car rental industry. Working with the top local and national companies in South Florida has given her the opportunity to establish long term relationships with top executives, which will be beneficial in the Destination Management field.